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Bone Conduction Technology

The Bone Conduction Headset
Our Flagship Product Is The Lightest Headset

With A Weight Of Only 20 Grams. It Is Not Only Technically Invisible, Double Protection Of Our Hearing But Also Functional And Elegant. It Is The World’s Only Light-sensing Function And Foldable Cord.

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Wireless Bone Conduction Bluetooth Sunglasses earphone

Smart glasses, listening to music, answering phone, any time any where, open ears, Easy to replace and use. Waterproof IP66

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Is a start-up professional manufacturer of bone conduction products located in Ningbo, China. It is the creator of bone conduction in various functional scenarios in the market.

We have professional technology and design team design and have been cooper-ating with hospitals, government, military, schools and other departments to customize the products they need. We development Experience and provide OEM & ODM.

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Bone Conduction Technology

Different from traditional bluetooth glasses sound technology, bone conduction glasses can ensure the wearer while hearing clearly, it greatly reduces the leakage of sound waves, protects privacy and does not interfere with others.

One Touch To unlock Smart Experience

Long touch the right temple touch button for five seconds to turn on/off. Tap the right temple touch button once to play/pause music. Tap the right temple touch button once to answer/end the call.

Voice Assistant

One key to wake up the voice assistant to meet the needs intelligent optimization, care for bright eyes, safe driving.

TR90 Material

Memory polymer material, internationally popular light frame ma-terial with strong toughness, impact resistance and wear resista-nce, low friction coefficient.

Principle Of Bone Conduction Earphone

You Can Wear All Day Long